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Entertainment Designed for the 2023 Summer Reading
Theme "All Together Now"


“Looking for a fun and new way to draw your community to the library for summer reading? Look no further! Ann Lincoln’s foam party was the talk of the summer. I still have kids come into the library asking if we are going to do the foam party again this year. It was exactly what we needed in the middle of our summer to keep our children engaged. I even saw parents partaking in the fun! Can’t wait to add this to our yearly summer reading program.”

Bailee Hutchinson

Branch Manager

Altus Public Library

"Ann's Foam Party was the best program we had in 2021! The kids loved it - the parents loved it - even my staff got in on the action! It's amazing how something so simple as tons of foam (and cool music) could make everyone so happy! We can't wait to have her back!" 

Julie W. Wilson

Youth Services Manager/Librarian/Acquisitions

Rampart Library District

"Want something new and fun for your Summer program?  Then Ann's Foam Party is the perfect solution.  We had her at the Englewood Public Library last summer and our families loved it.  None of us knew what to expect and what we experienced was beyond what we could have imagined ... an epic bubble party with fun music, mountains of foam and lots of squeals and laughter.  Our families called it the best program of the summer and my co-workers requested it become an annual program."

Kimberly Powers 
Children and Teen Librarian 
City of Englewood 

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