Entertainment Especially for 2021 Summer Reading Programs

New Show! New Services! New Videos! 

  • Live Shows

    Ann Lincoln's Marvelous,

    Amazing and Magical Animals

    A Magic & Juggling & Comedy Performance

    with Real and Pretend Pets

    A show about some of Ann's own unique "fantastic beasts" and how she found out about them.

    The kids get to see the live animals up close after the show! 

    Ann will pull out all the stops in this performance that highlights stories and routines about animals (both real and imaginary), kindness and caring for pets, and how to learn more about earth's creatures by using resources at the library.  

  • Virtual

    Prerecorded Videos of the Show for your Virtual Programming. 

    Shot and Edited by a

    Professional Videographer.

    Similar to the videos produced for 2020 but with the new theme and some different routines. 

    YouTube links and/or downloads will be provided for an agreed upon time frame of several weeks, not just a "one off" viewing. 

    The show will be divided into "chapters" to keep the viewing time shorter and better for online attention spans. 

  • Foam Parties

    A Foam Party for

    Your Party Animals

    Turn an ordinary Outdoor Space into a Giant

    Dance Party and Bubble Bath Playground.

    foam party with masks.jpg

    Ann will bring in, set up and run her state-of-the-art foam machine and let the kids frolic while her new more powerful sound system cranks out some

    kid-friendly animal-themed tunes.

    Great for summer reading kick-off or wrap-up events or just as a new and completely unique experience at the library. Plus, it's an wonderful opportunity to get some great photos of happy kids at a summer library event.

  • Workshops

    Ann's Demonstration and Teaching Sessions

    A. How to Make your own Balloon Animal

    B. How To Learn to Juggle

    A. How to Make your own Balloon Animal

    Learn how to twist a balloon dog & other animals.  Would probably need to take place indoors.  Younger children sometimes need an adult's help.

    B. How to Juggle

    The beginning juggling pattern is demonstrated followed by guided practice with scarfs & balls.  Could take place outdoors with the kids spread apart.  Best for kids 7-8 years old and up, but younger ones have fun too.

© 2020 By Ann Lincoln.