Ann Lincoln is making Halloween MAGICAL this year!!

For a limited time,

Ann is offering an outdoor Halloween decoration tour, scavenger hunt

and mini magic show.


This is a safe, socially-distanced, contact-less and completely unique entertainment package for kids and families.  A perfect activity for organized "pods" and/or regulated classes of kids and their supervisors.  Discounts for small/same house-hold family groups of 4 or fewer children with an adult.   

Ann will pack up her PA system and some happy Halloween music and meet your group for a guided walking tour of some Park Hill area homes with fabulous front yard decorations (going around 2 blocks or so).  Everybody will get a scavenger hunt check list to add even more fun to the viewing.  You will see things like huge inflatable figures, silly skeletons, and graveyard ghouls.  The last stop is a 3 house coordinated wizard-themed extravaganza of lawn displays!  Ann will even give your kids a peek "behind the curtain" to let them see how some of the "people" were actually made.  After a bit of playtime in Hargid's hut, everybody will grab a seat as Ann adds some kooky to the spooky with a few quick magic and juggling routines.  Finally each child will get a turn at the 6 foot treat or treat shoot to get a goodie bag to take home (candy optional upon request).

© 2020 By Ann Lincoln.