Birthday Party Entertainment is Back and Better than Ever!

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Make this year's birthday extra special!

Ann is now offering a variety of safe ways to have a wonderful party that they will always remember.

Private Party Live Performance Updates:

The Latest Social Distancing Show Info

- I am fully vaccinated (documentation available upon request) and will be staying up to speed on current official guidelines for events and gatherings.

- There are several reasons that I can no longer offer my performances for parties in public parks. In or on private property and/or in your house or yard or right next to your home are the best options.

- At this time I am willing to do entertainment outdoors with or without a mask according to my client's preference. If performing inside, my current choice is to do so masked.

- I am willing to perform the entertainment either inside or outside. HOWEVER, if we are outside, I will require an area of deep shade for the show and a safe and cool inside location to keep my rabbit until it is time for the "big finish".

- Instead of coming up "on stage" I will have any volunteers assist from the audience area.

- I will sanitize my hands and any props that someone other than myself might touch before each party.

- Aside from quickly handing the kids a finished balloon animal, I will strive to always maintain a safe distance from all guests.

These policies may need to be adjusted depending on the most current city/state guidelines. I want the kids and everybody at every party to be and feel safe while having as much fun as possible. I understand that everyone's comfort zones are different and would be happy to chat with clients about any of this. Let me know what you think.
Thanks, Ann

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Email annlincoln@annlincoln.com for rates & availability!